After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.

Trauma informed Pastoral care - a briefing.

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Understanding trauma

 Ten years along my journey of recovery from sexual trauma,

I hypothesised that sexual trauma is neurophysiological

   to which I propose an applied redemptive theological approach.


Issue Paper 10 (scroll down) would be a good place to start

    my submission is no 119

 The Blue Knott Foundation  run Seminars on Trauma Informed

     Trauma-Informed Care and Practice

Trauma Release

 When we sit down and have coffee with our Pastor

listening with Pastoral concern and support

we are cognativly releaseing trauma

     "talking it out"

at the end of the conversation Pastor offers to pray.


Pastors - if unsure, why not simply pray "God help ......."

     maybe "please release the trauma from his/her

    body, mind and soul"


Later I will introduce non cognative trauma release.



Elements of recovery

  • overcomming denial
  • it's not my fault
  • being washed and cleansed
  • ongoing Passtpral Care

When Forgiveness is helpful.

Forgiveness i the antidote to bitterness and resentment.

Some testify that when they forgave they were healed.

  I suggest a particular sequence of factors lined up that way.


It is not good to argue from the particular to the general


there is a time for forgiveness

and for many of us that time is down the track

Forgiveness, at the right time and place

   brings a release

  failitates progress along ones recovery road.




When imposing forgiveness is not helpful

Forgiveness should not be a condition

                                       nor a demand

not premature

nor forced.  I have personally experienced an incident of what amounted to spiritual, emotional and verbal abuse

    when it was a power trip and totally unnecessary.


 it was certainly trauma uninformed.

  In the parable of the Good Samaritan we see:

  • love for ones neighbour
  • no judgementalism
  • no blame
  • washing the man's wounds
  • bounding up his woulds
  • taking him to a place of safety
  • a provision of a place to rest and recouperate.

 nowhere in the parable is there a referance to forgiveness

           being a requirement.


describing ones sexual trauma

naming the sence of betrayal

          is not unforgiveness

 At this point sexual assault counsellors, psychologists and counsellores can be of assistance.

they are trained in::

  • ensuring survivors are safe
  • systematically listening (narative therapy)  having training in the neurology of sexual abuse
  • enabling survivors to tell our story in a shame free place 


 I feel inadequate here

much to search out

references needed