After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.

Sometimes we simply need to do what is right

The government boy's high school

The Dept Principal for over 15 years

stroked boys private parts ( indecent assault)

in his office behind the closed door.

My conclusion was either he controlled the Principal

and / or the Principal was an enabler or conceilor.

    "nothing to see here

     look at our football team winning games"

the longstanding member abuser

enablers - his friends from Sunday school and youth group

Elders who refused to active set discipline policies


The survivor Bishop

The Bishop who resigned after disclosing

his efforts to reform the Diocees was met with relentless opposition.

Encouragement to peresevere

 I do have many fond memories of my high school

great mates

some really good teachers

I came out ready for university



when it comes to the dark side

the sexual abuse from 3 teachers

  "hey  teacher, leave those kid's alone"

The unresourced policy

  • no child Protection Officer
  • the district body had no training to handle enablers opposing the Pastor fulfilling his duty of care
  • Mandatory Reporting innitially  met with indifference by the Detective because no witnesses and no victims had come forward
  • conceilment - the denominational official who ensured documents were not tabled nor shown to the Chairperson
  • the Committee Chairperson conceded to the congregation that sexual abuse is the main issue

                   however this crucial fact was omitted in the committees report.

      over 25 years later the injustices remain

                                     there are unresolved issues

           with options of re opening the case being explored.