After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.

Issues Survivors Face.

Disclosure to us as Pastors

Making a statement to the Police

breaking through the shame barrier.

    (when the pain exceeds the shame)

narrative therapy

trauma release



when we are not understood

  • overcomming denial
  • overcomming shame
  • renouncing abuse
  • inner cleansing
  • holding onto hope
  • opening doors
  • sexual issues
  • taking down walls
  • knowing our parts
  • building right walls
  • boundaries
  • overcomming fear
  • trauma release

the memories are traumatised /   carry trauma

right brain re-experiencing (triggered memories)


    Links need to be written up


our Pastoral responses:

  • listen
  • let survivors mention issues as they arise
  • go to seminars for professionals to be more informed

                 or Wise Mind videos

  I am reading "Pain and Pretending" by Rich Buhler

        it makes a good intro book.

 Sexual Assault Counselling is an emerging field as yet underdeveloped and under resourced

Sexual assault Pastoral Care , speaking as a Christian survivor and Pastor Survivor has much to offer believers.


 Please see these issues

as randomly listed

as they can surface randomly

it is not intended

   to be a sequencial list

but a list to use

    as a referance or guide

as they arise