After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.

Ministry to survivors.

We need a Theology of being sinned against


 My starting point is the Parable of the Good Samaritan

       the wounded man bore no blame

he was abandonded twice - by those who should have known better.


 then came the Good Samaritan

     a member of a despised culture

The Good Samaritan:

  • stoped to assist
  • gave first aid
  • cleaned up and bandaged the man's wounds
  • gave him time
  • took him to a safe place
  • did not demand the wounded man forgive the attackers
  • showed love and compassion
  • paid for his stay in the inn.

Fellowship with survivors

Understanding survivors

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please don't judge us or categorise us on the basis of some generality which might not apply to us.

please listen to how being sexually traumatised affected us - the  sanatised version 

be supportive

our limitatons, our reations are not our fault and not our choice.


The journey of recovery

Recovery from sexual trauma takes time

there are many stages

and many models

   I find the analogy of a journey helpful   

Isaiah 61 verse 1



......  to heal the broken hearted

       to set the captives free"





The light shines in the darkness