After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.

Examples of sexual abuse in institutions

the longstanding member

the sacked youth leader moved on

the youth leader abused by the youth leader

the youth leader was convicted of sexual abuse

he alleged he had been sexually abused by the previous youth leader

The Boy's Brigade leader

the warning signs were there

before the Child Protection Seminars

the days before we had Protocols

the housekeeper

  Why did the boy being minded by the housekeeper

ask for a hammer and smash a hole in every door and many walls?

 The response of the boy's Father was to sack the housekeeper.


"we need youth"  was a strange  sign to advertise the church

    youth group.  the housekeeper was the leader.


other alarm bells rang over time.

When Church discipline works

the alleged offender was told

  1. not to attend the youth group
  2. to arrive at church just before the service
  3. to sit on his own
  4. to leave immediately after the church service
  5. without talking to anyone.

we thought our churches were safe.

Jesus warned His disciples:

  • of the wolf in sheep's clothing ( Matthew 7 verse 15)
  • of the enemy sowing weeds amongst the seed  ( Matthew 13 verse 25

We thought Churches were safe

  in Roman Catholic and High Anglican Churches the priests abused their power and position.

 in Protestant Churches without Bishops  Elders, Deacons, Youth Leaders, longstanding members

                      abused the power they accumulated

                      violated the trust given to them

   all of the above examples are examples known to me personally without doing any research or survey.


 We ought to "watch and pray" 

LUKE 21:36

We need to take Child Protection / Safe Churches  Seminars seriously

      Does it seem all too hard?

     Take a look at what happened when the systems failed.

    I have written this brief  desiring that Pastors will not have to go through what I went through. 

       because what happened, happened and history cannot be changed.

      however "The Lord loves justice"   Psalm 37 verse 28  NRSV

                       He does not abandon the wounded one.  Luke 15 verses 1 to 7   In this Parable the Shepherd  searches for his one lost sheep

                                         and rescues the sheep from the bushes the sheep was trapped in.  no lectures  no demands  just love and being rescued