After receiving  a disclosure of sexual abuse  

A Guide for Pastors - protocols and Pastoral Care.


 A survivor of child sexual trauma had been walking along his road to recovery for some years.

He is highly motovated and educated.   He had seen psychologists, sexual assault counsellors,

been to a church 8 week group for survivors twice but after a couple of years the programme ended.

he went to a secular 8 week programme twice and some follow up meetings   but the secular approach became unbearable. 

     He continues his journey. Has some great Pastors giving Pastoral Care.

    finds church very encouraging including fellowshiping with understanding members.

   is a part of on line forums.

  receives support from Helplines.


  He was shocked when he did summing up at the consultative meeting for the National Centre for survivors

when he spontaneously said

             'If I were to sum up my last 12 years of recovery in one word it would be



         Let's look at why and how male survivors in particular can be

The Australian psychological society is disproportionately highly organised compared to say the Welfare Offices ( with MA's)  or remedial massagers.

Clergy have been told to "leave it to the professionals". As I survivor I object.   this hads been a major cause of my abondonment.

inadequate research.     more research surveys with comments fields and room for us to ad other variables are needed.   too much of our story is excluded from the surveys used to formulate treeatment protocols  and government policies.

  more later